Long Time Coming!

Hey everyone! I know I've been away from the Blog for a minute. The holiday season was rough after my wife's aunt's passing. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Years was a lot of reflection and spent with family.

The day job has also gotten more hectic. For the next few weeks I will be acing as the Optical Manager, a title I've worn in the past just never at a location as busy as this one. Already this has eaten into my writing time, but the extra income is much needed as I'm trying not only to market my next few releases, but also find a way to do some events and signings.

In other big news, BECOMING has finally released!! I can't tell you how excited I am for this book. It's been so much fun to writer, and is the first book in what will evolve into a much bigger mythos and universe of monsters and gods.

Big Thanks to Emily Galea, my cover artist! She was a pleasure to work with, very professional and open to feedback. Our inspiration were the "Scary Stories to tell in the Dark" Series I wanted it dark, and simple. The finished product speaks for itself, and I couldn't be happier!

Currently working on Marketing for BECOMING, and the follow-up book will be going in for formatting and cover art hopefully in the next three months. Expect Becoming: Rage to be out sometime early November.

Check out Becoming right HERE

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!

It’s been a smooth week. Things are finally getting back to normal. Well, as normal as it could be. I’ve finally gotten back to my writing. It’s been tough getting back into the swing of things, just emotionally speaking after the family loss, but things are finally coming through.

This last week alone I’ve worked on a short story, and just finished a chapter and a half of Tim E. Less. That novel has been a much harder undertaking than I’d expected, and I’m liking some of the changes and the direction the book it is taking. There are a few things I need to button up as I finish the home stretch, and I think it’ll be pretty good.

Keeping this post short. Got some Halloweening things to do! Have fun everyone, and be safe!


Word Count: 1,750