A Tough Time while AFK

It’s been a few weeks since my last entry. A lot has happened. My wife’s Aunt lost her eight-year battle with breast cancer, October 6th, 4:46pm. She is survived by her husband and two adult children. It’s been a rough few months leading up to this final closure, and the healing has already begun.

That being said, we were struck a few days later with some more very difficult news, something I cannot discuss on public forums. It’s nothing regarding my or my wife’s health or well-being, but will say this, cancer can go F*** off…

If I’m to be honest, I’ve not done much writing. And my editing has slowed to a crawl. These last few weeks have taken a very heavy toll on my emotionally, and creatively. This will be a short-lived slump, and I will get myself back on track starting next week.

In some better news, my wife and I are celebrating our marriage reception this weekend! Yay! Though a few months late…but hey, it’s gonna be a great party and some much-needed distraction and family gathering.

In creative news, I’ve designed the rough layout of a new logo for my Author brand. I’ll be posting the photo at the bottom of the blog for people to check out, and by all means, give some feedback. I need to tweak a few of the little bit of graphics around the top of the skull, but for the most part this is the layout it’ll look like.

I’ve also relaunched my book, The Chattering and it is available on Kindle and paperback! My ultimate goal with this, and other titles I will be releasing, is to be able to offer both eBooks and paperback copies on my website, as well as Amazon, Nook, and other eBook sites. It’s a work in progress, but progress is being made.

No word or editorial reduction counts this week due to bereavement. I do thank you for your support and will be correcting that my next blog. Thanks again everyone!


Lucas Milliron.