The Chattering

Dec. / 2016

Illistration by Lucas Milliron

Illistration by Lucas Milliron

     Marvin has lived through a lot in his life, and remembers all of it through his photographic memory. With his wife’s passing, and his daughter’s growing family, his memory is all he has left, until something awakens in the aisle of Fear.

     Everything he knows and loves is in jeopardy. He’s fighting for more than his life, he’s fighting for his mind. Without memory, we are without history.



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The burning tree

Sept / 2017

Short Fiction.

The Burning Tree only asks of us only one thing, "Water me..."


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Feb / 2018

Illustration by  Emily Galea

Illustration by Emily Galea

     It’s madness that we ignore the signs right in front of us. That magic is real, and that monsters are real. Cody thought he'd seen enough monsters. From the bullies, to his broken father; all Cody ever wanted was a normal life. Just as things are looking up, the monsters came back, and unleash something inside him. It's always been there, waiting behind his eyes. It's changed him, and he's not alone.
     Becoming is a twisted coming of age horror thriller. There are monsters hiding inside us. After all, if you don't like the skin you're in…change it



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